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Offering Safe Amalgam Removal and White Fillings

blog-man-shades-smiling-white-teethDo you have a mouth full of metal fillings? If yes, you’re not alone. Not only are silver amalgam fillings unsightly but have been proven to pose  potential health risks. Amalgam is a metal that is usually composed of approximately 50% mercury, 25-30% silver, 15% tin and 8% copper. Small amounts of other trace metals are used as well.

S.M.A.R.T Protocol

Research has shown that exposure to the mercury from amalgam restorations can be harmful to one’s health. The prevalent view is that mercury is highly toxic to the human body.

We believe that you can be healthier without them and so we offer  an alternative to amalgam fillings. If you would like to remove your amalgam fillings, we can do so safely. Our dentist Dr Nathaniel Nowicki is the only one in SA who is accredited with the SMART Protocol. This protocol protects the dentist, assistant and patient from mercury exposure during the removal of the mercury containing amalgam fillings. The procedure can take place in just one visit too for your convenience.

Get a Seamless Smile

At our practice, we offer white, colour matched restorations. These safe, effective and aesthetically pleasing fillings can restore tooth decay and cavities and replace old amalgam restorations. With durable white fillings, you can achieve a seamless and beautiful smile. By using trusted and durable white composite resin in our dental fillings  it allows us to match your restoration to the rest of your mouth. No one will even know the white fillings are there.

Additionally, these fillings allow for a much less complex and invasive procedure than the amalgam fillings of the past, as the white composite resin material actually bonds to your tooth’s surface. You can save time, additional treatment costs and further discomfort.

Do You Require a Dental Filling?

It can be challenging to notice the signs of decay, especially when it’s in its earliest stages. If you have any of the following symptoms, we encourage you to book an appointment with one of our professional dentists:

  • Tooth sensitivity, mainly when eating and drinking
  • Pain in the teeth when chewing
  • A tooth that is starting to darken in colour
  • The feeling of rough spots on a tooth
  • Food collecting in areas of the tooth after eating

If you would like to remove your amalgam fillings or think you have a cavity and would like white fillings, contact our practice today!

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