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Children’s Dentistry at Smiles Are Us Park Holme

We Love Kids!

The health of your child’s smile now can significantly impact their oral health as they enter into adulthood. A great experience with our family dentist can also instil a positive impression that influences how children relate to dental care in the future.

For over 30 years, children have been coming to Smiles Are Us Park Holme with their families for quality, compassionate dentistry. Some even return with families of their own!

Services We Offer For Children

  • Dental Exams and Hygiene: Routine checkups and cleanings provide us with an opportunity to intercept cavities or other dental problems when they’re smaller and less invasive to treat. Our oral health therapists enjoy seeing children and working with your son or daughter to improve their hygiene habits.
  • Protective Mouthguards: Athletic activities are one of the leading causes of oral injuries and dental emergencies. Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard prevents broken or knocked-out teeth, while also reducing your child’s risk of concussion. The fabrication process allows these guards to fit better, providing optimal protection.
  • Orthodontics: Simple and straightforward tooth misalignment cases can be managed with our convenient in-house braces, Inman Aligners and Invisalign® Teen treatments. We have a close relationship with local orthodontists if we need to refer your child for more progressive orthodontic therapy.
  • Fissure Sealants:Protect your child’s teeth from cavities before decay starts. Fissure sealants block out bacteria from accumulating inside of the deep grooves and fissures of back teeth (molars). The smoother and shallower surface is easy to clean with a toothbrush, lowering the risk of cavity formation. Getting sealants is comfortable and quick. Each one only takes a few minutes to complete. We can incorporate them into your child’s next checkup appointment!
  • Oral Hygiene Education: Being that most dental health problems are preventable, we’ll show your child how to keep their teeth as clean as possible. Daily brushing and flossing habits start early, so doing them correctly (and often) is extremely important.
  • Restorative Fillings and Crowns: Should your child have a cavity, we will want to treat it as early as possible. Quick intervention lowers the risk of decay spreading to adjacent teeth elsewhere in their mouth. Our tooth-coloured fillings and temporary crowns will help see your child into adulthood with the healthiest smile possible.
  • Fluoride Treatments: Strengthen healthy tooth enamel and reverse early demineralisation with a fluoride treatment after each cleaning. This natural mineral makes teeth more resistant to decay and gives your child an advantage when it comes to healthy oral development.

Schedule Everyone on the Same Day

Bring all of the kids with you so that everyone in your family can be seen for their dental visit on the same day. With multiple dentists and oral health therapists on staff, we can care for everyone in different rooms and save you valuable time. There’s never been an easier or more efficient way for your family’s smiles to get the quality care they need and deserve. Same-day appointments are available. Book your child’s today!


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